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December 10th, 2007

Don't hollar all at once, but I am back online.  It's overwhelming to be back, desperately trying to catch up on Important Stuff and reinvent my iDentity.  And I will be doing so here peacockgoddess as my lj home from now on!  I have nothing yet but a post you can come comment me on so I can get my friends list rebuilt with revolunteers!

April 13th, 2006


Why is it that one is either this excited: !

Or this excited: !!!

But for the most part not this excited: !!

I have invented my own punctuation, by the way, that I think is very helpful. .!. or !.!

It's meant to indicate emphasis without that bouncy puppy excited quality that bangs signify by themselves, but for which a simple period doesn't cut it. Your "I'm not fucking around here" voice.

Other topic altogether:

When the notion of impeaching/removing Bush from office comes up, I can't even wrap my brain around the chances of it happening. I just don't, by and large, see the point. Where in the chain of succession does the evil stop? I guess I don't know much about third in line Dennis Hastert -- except that he's a proponent of a national sales tax instead of an income tax. I'm sure many reasonable rich people who want poor people to eat dirt and die feel just the same way. Number four Ted Stevens seems to be on one hand a raving nutter, and on the other had a senator who wears an Incredible Hulk tie to indicate his seriousness on certain issues. Wait... It's a little endearing, but I can probably keep both those things on one hand, huh?

What I would love to see is an impeachment/conviction of Cheney. Don't ask me what for, that's a whole other step. This is strategy. Boot Cheney to send Bush a message and he'll be trying to salvage his place in the history books for the rest of his term with the understanding that his administration's conduct just isn't flying. I don't think it would make him kill anyone he isn't bound and determined to kill anyway. Which until another Supreme kicks it is my primary concern.

And stuff.

April 11th, 2006

How should I put this?

Dear Universe,

While I very much appreciate the intricate and never boring combination of experiences that is my life, all the help being thrown my way on various issues that've been going great places, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff, I believe it's time to request some catch-up time. Please.


March 27th, 2006

(no subject)

You Are a Newborn Soul

You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance.
On the flip side, you're easy to read and easily influenced by others.
You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very creative.
Noconformist and nontraditional, you've never met anyone who's like you.

Inventive and artistic, you like to be a trendsetter.
You have an upbeat spirit and you like almost everything.
You make friends easily and often have long standing friendships.
Implusive and trusting, you fall in love a little too easily.

Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul

March 24th, 2006

Not the best day ever

So, I'm doing better on the hair thing. Despite the very good advice to go let a professional fix it I just took to chopping and have something I'm okay with for now. It's not skillful, but it's me. I've figured out the reason I have had about one professional haircut I liked in the past ten years, and plenty I've done myself. My hair is awesome. It's thick and will make a lot of things look good. This leads to a situation where stylists try to overcut it: "Wow, I can do something really cool with this!" And it doesn't work out. When I do it myself I have the fun of creative endeavor and if I don't like it it's no one's fault but my own. So now I have kind of a punky, pixie, silly thing going on.

On the downside the Lad and I have gone from about 1.5 jobs between us to just the half. Eventually this is going to turn out to be a good thing, when it motivates us to find stuff to do that makes us happier. For now I'm a little, itty bit anxious.
I. Hate. My. Hair.

I got it cut yesterday, was hesitant when I left, but it always takes a little time to get used to a new cut. It's like a sprained ankle -- it always hurts after you twist it, but it takes an hour to really figure out how bad you're hurt. In about that time frame I came to realize that if you wanted to cast a butchy lesbian public defender you could not have done better, as far as haircuts go, that to cast someone with the mullet-like situation I had going on.

Over the course of the evening I went from making jokes to keep from being upset about it to making jokes because I was actually amused at the badness, and I figured to go in and get it fixed today.

I woke up in more of a near-weepy place, and it was the first thing on my mind. So I grabbed the overlong back and hacked it off. This has helped. But the front is too fucking short to do any goddamn thing with. I remember saying I wanted the length to be anywhere from off the shoulders to just above my chin. The front is a good three inches over my chin if you pull it to full length, and dry it doesn't even come halfway down my face, will barely tuck behind my ears (which I do all the time) looks STUPID when I do and bangs into my eyes when I don't.

I really liked the lady who cut it, but I don't know if I want to go in and have her try to fix it now that I've pondered the betrayal of how short she made the front, and I don't want to hear any crap about cutting the back off myself. I just couldn't look in the mirror anymore, it was making me nuts.

Even with the back off it's still bad and I am so much more depressed about it than I would have thought I could be about a haircut. I feel so ugly. I'll be in my basement for the next month if you need me.

March 11th, 2006

Oh my sweet monkey jeebus!

That was a hell of an interlude! That was play at its finest. I thought about doing a cinematic write-up, but for that we really need The Great Captain dr_fandango's perspective. I'm going to be gushing as a player. Read more...Collapse )

March 9th, 2006

I've been in more than one conversation lately where I've mentioned to people how weak the reasoning in Roe v. Wade is in many ways, which is going to be of increasing importance as the new court starts to interpret it here shortly. It's not really something I want to write a lot about, but it is something that I would love to teach and facilitate discussion on. If I actually found a time and place, would people want to read the case then do a few hour informal "class" on it? Or have more people actually read and understood the opinion than I would guess?

February 28th, 2006

What, me, here?

A very, very, happy belated birthday to the amazing, beautiful, wonderful woman known here as d_c_m!!! Hope yours was as fun as you made mine!!!

I'm not, so much, one who incites others to action. But for the record I have been going all kinds of crazy whipping up some special costume and throws stuff for Mardis Gras, and I, for one, will be showing up to honor the Accord and make sure all hell doesn't break lose by the failure of the Crazy Coyotes to march and party all to beejezus. I mean...obviously, right?

Costume Delights has beads ranging from $3 - $6 a dozen, as well as lots of cool ones available individually, including one with fucking babies. And I mean "fucking babies" not in the sense that you might say it if you were in Wal-mart on a Sunday afternoon, or listening to gamers whine about each other, I mean the babies on that necklace are in some cases enjoying rights SCOTUS has only recently codified. I refrained, but there was a moment...

Pirates, ninja, and even you squirmy types who refuse to go into my nice, convenient boxes, party not and if there's no spring I will damn well hold each and every one of you responsible!

February 14th, 2006

Birthday report!

Okay, while I've got a working computer and some time, there's a lot to say!

Chronologically I have to start before my birthday. As I was cleaning I came across a bag I had never seen before. It's navy blue with black straps, and it was in the middle of a pile of stuff. I open it up and find several pairs, in different colors of dice for the rearview mirror. But not fuzzy six siders. Felt dee-fours. What the most awesome fuck?!? If you have any idea where these came from, I almost hate to spoil the magic, but I'll give them back to a proper owner. (Most of them, anyway.)

Chaos chaos chaos and then I was off to pick up regohemia at the airport. I had been asleep when he called me to say his flight had changed, and didn't think to ask where to meet him. I assumed he wouldn't have any luggage, so I went to the place I thought he would come out if he didn't go to baggage claim. He, of course, assumed I would assume he had luggage (or at least knew to meet there anyway!) and waited at baggage claim. I realized the dangerous chain of assumptions and found him just as he was pulling out his cell phone. We had a nice drive, then a nice dinner with taocowboy, both of which were delightful and well as extremely informative, followed by excellent hang time.

Saturday has to get it's own later post, I'm afraid! If I start talking about all the cool, and thanking again all the people I want to thank, I'm just not going to be done before I fall asleep at the computer. It was amazing, perfect, beautiful and I'm deeply grateful to everyone!

Sunday, poker tournament, good food, good play, good time. This was the party the Lad was hosting for me, not being the type to organized the big gala, and I wanted him to do something her would find fun. I played awful but I had a great time!

Today, by which I technically mean yesterday (Monday), my actual date of birth, I had a great day at home, followed by dinner with my mom at Outback. Then I took some time by myself to do a full on, focused birthday reading for myself, good stuff there.

Finally, and the thing currently foremost in my mind because it just happened, I got a tattoo! The idea had been in my mind since it came up on Saturday with regohemia. He escaped the ink due to the unavailability of open shops at the time, but I dug the idea a lot as I kept thinking about it. It was the Lad's b-day present to me, and [Bad username: ancientwisdom] and [Bad username: julyflower] came along too, which was awesome! I can't really describe it, but I'll post pics after I take the bandage off tomorrow! I LOVE it!!!

A very, very good birthday!
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